SHAWN COLVIN - Photo by Joseph Llanes

SHAWN COLVIN - Photo by Joseph Llanes


This year I will challenge my students to work on songs by sharpening their focus on character development and storytelling. We will do some writing exercises and engage in a bit of discussion, then proceed from there with an assignment. Students can then use their “off” time to work and bring in their ideas during the following two classes where they will each be given the opportunity to test out their efforts with the rest of the group. It’s my belief that we learn a great deal about our songs when we share them with others. For me, both powerful bits and bullshit bits become more obvious!

It’s not necessary to bring in an entire new song. You might come in with a snippet of something, you may find you are tweaking an old song from a new perspective. Our objective is to hopefully become inspired through what we discuss in class and go from there.

Beginners welcome!