“Singing with Heart, Body & Soul” with Sloan Wainwright

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 11:00AM-12:15PM and 2:30-3:45PM

If you are a guitar player and/or songwriter, and feel that singing is the weaker part of your performance, this is the class for you! If you are a non-singer and would like to be, look no further. If you are a proficient singer, learn tips and exercises to extend you vocal stamina and range.

Singing is fun! And everyone can do it! With an emphasis on vocal health and self care, we will use a combination of vocal warm-ups and work-outs, to help relax and strengthen the voice – making it more flexible and reliable. Individual attention and support is offered to each person in class as well as the group as a whole. Bring yourselves, a song, a recording device if you like and wear comfy clothes! Sloan will also be available for one-on-one classes.


Performance Class:  “Find Joy On-Stage”

Tuesday, Wednesday 4pm – 5pm

How to find your calm and peaceful center in the eye of the storm….in the eye of the energy of expression. How to claim space on stage and be in the beautiful and exciting moment of performing. Exploring the world of “owning it”!

Experience being your authentic self and in the flow with an audience. Releasing your inner strengths to savor the moment so you can perhaps remember your performance instead of the memory being erased by nervousness.
Sloan will provide a safe and supportive atmosphere all around performance. Song selection, intros, elements of taking care of yourself on and off stage, tools for preparing, practicing, facing and engaging happily with the audience. We’re gonna talk a little and check in with an audience. We’re gonna talk a little and check in with what you need. We’re gonna get everyone up on stage. We’re gonna have fun.