Tony McManus


tony Mcmanus

In my classes we'll cover the use of altered tunings for a variety of
effects, whether to increase the range of the guitar by dropping the bottom
string(s) or to emulate other instruments such as pipes or harp or simply
because we like the sound of the tuning. One of the most popular of these is
DADGAD and we can explore some tunes in this tuning- from easily accessible traditional melodies to JS Bach. I also use CGCGCD (C sus2) and CGDGCD (based on "sawmill' banjo tuning) and even DAAEAE which is particularly good for bagpipe tunes- and a good deal quieter! We can look at left and right hand techniques to ornament and articulate the music in an interesting way. It's easy to get bamboozled by lists of letters so we'll look for
relationships between the tunings and see how knowledge of one can apply to another. This can help tame these things!
These ideas can be applied to solo guitar performance, accompaniment of
other instruments and to accompanying songs. 

I will have 2 levels of classes :  Advanced 11-12:15pm  and  Intermediate  2:30-3:45PM - Let's play!